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Sony launches its first Android wear smartwatch

Sony launches its first Android wear smartwatch

           Sony's SmartWatch 3 — its first smartwatch that will run on Google's Android Wear software — isn't a fitness device per say. But based on what we've heard, it seems like avid runners will love it.

           The waterproof watch (priced at $229 or roughly $300) comes loaded with sensors including an accelerometer, compass and gyroscope for tracking your motion.

           This is common for most smartwatches, but the built-in GPS is part of what makes Sony's device stand out. An integrated GPS could prove to be particularly useful for runners and joggers looking to track their routes.
Sony launches its first Android wear smartwatch | TekkiPedia News
Sony launches its first Android wear smartwatch | TekkiPedia News
           Sony also claims the SmartWatch 3's 1.6-inch display will be visible in bright sunlight since it's transflective, making it optimal for outdoor use.

           Like Sony's other recently announced wearable devices, the SmartWatch 3 is designed to work with the company's LifeLog platform. LifeLog is an app that tracks your daily activity and presents it in a digital timeline, telling you where you were when you took a particular photo, hit a certain fitness goal, or played a specific game.

           The watch will launch in black and lime this fall, but Sony says that pink and white wristbands will be available soon thereafter.

           Sony is one of several tech companies to announce an Android Wear-based watch. Android Wear is Google's version of Android specifically designed for smartwatches and other wearable gadgets. It's meant to provide contextual information at a glance, similar to how Google Now already works on your phone.

           Sony's smartwatch maintains a square design that's nearly identical to its previously released smartwatches, while other manufacturers like LG and Motorola are experimenting with round touchscreen displays. It's unclear if Sony's traditional design will be enough to capture consumer interest with so many competing devices entering the market, but the outdoor-friendly display and built-in GPS are nice touches.

Source: Times Of India

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